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Parish Store, Scrip and Memorial Programs

Parish Store

Our Parish Store is located at the back of the Rectory just off the parking lot. To enter, pass through the gate in the chain link fence and enter through the sliding glass door. At the Parish Store, we sell scrip and religious articles.

Scrip (List in English) (List in Spanish)

Scrip is a fund-raiser for Our Lady of the Rosary Church. It is a fund-raiser at thousands of churches, schools, and other non-profit organizations around the country. There are two types of scrip programs in which Our Lady of the Rosary Church participates: traditional Scrip and Electronic Scrip.

Traditional Scrip. Traditionally, scrip has been a program where non-profit organizations have raised funds by selling gift certificates for various merchants. Scrip is available for grocery stores, book stores, department stores, oil companies, specialty stores, and restaurants. The non profit organization can buy these gift certificates at a discount. When the non profit sells the certificates to its members at full value, it realizes fund-raising income, at no additional cost to the buyer. Since scrip is a gift certificate, it is spent at the participating merchant just like cash. Here\rquote s an example of how it works:

   1. Our church buys $100.00 of scrip from ABC market, paying only $95.00 for it.

   2. You buy $100.00 of Scrip for ABC market from us, paying us $100.00. Our church just made $5.00 "profit," at no additional expense to you!

   3. You buy your groceries, and use the Scrip to pay at the checkstand. The checker accepts it as if it were cash. If you do not use all the Scrip, you get change or Scrip back.

The profit we make ranges from 2% (most stores are somewhere near 5%) up to 18% (typical for more expensive restaurants)

Why would companies do this? Some reasons are to support non-profits in the community, lessen the number of checks they process (one big check from us instead of a number of smaller checks from all of you), and to foster store loyalty (people that use Scrip tend to shop and the same stores more often).

How can you use Scrip? Scrip can be used in the following ways:

    * To pay for purchases at grocery stores, discount stores, drug stores, department stores, gas stations, and more

    * To make payments on store credit card accounts at some department stores

    * To give to friends and relatives as gifts (a good idea, as you can let the recipient choose the size and color -- most companies accept Scrip at all of their outlets nationwide, so it can be sent to far-away friends and relatives).

How can you pay for Scrip? We accept cash, checks, VISA and MasterCard, and many ATM check cards. Use your credit card, and not only raise money for us, but also possibly earn points for yourself such as frequent flyer miles, free gasoline, or credit towards your next car.

When and where is Scrip sold? Scrip is sold at the following locations and times:

    * After all Masses on the SECOND and FOURTH Sunday of the month (including the preceding Saturday).  On the Second Sunday of the month, it is sold at our monthly Coffee and Donut Fellowship.  On the fourth Sunday, or if it is raining on Donut Sunday, it is sold at the Parish Store / Scrip Center, located at the back of the Rectory.

    * At the Parish Office during Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., and 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.;

    * At the Parish Store / Scrip Center: Saturdays, 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Want to run in-and-out in a hurry when buying Scrip? If so, here are some "Express Ordering" options to consider. If you Express Order your Scrip, all you have to do is to stop by the Scrip Center or the Office, identify yourself, hand over your payment, and we will hand an envelope over to you with everything counted out. No lines, no drawn-out decisions at the time of purchase.

    * Phone in your order to a "live person" before you come to pick it up.

    * e-mail your order to us. It will be ready the next day.

    * Fax your order to us. It will be ready the next day. The fax number is (510) 471-4601.

    * Leave a telephone message for us. The phone number is (510) 471-2609.

When ordering Scrip in this manner, be sure to leave your name, your phone number, the name of each store you want, and the quantity of each denomination that you want (for example "ABC Market, 5 - $10's, 4 - $20's, 1 - $50" ).

What's available?


We always carry enough scrip for the following merchants to meet most of our parishioners' needs.  Should you want a large amount, over $500.00 for example, please let us know -- we might have to place a larger order with our suppliers.

Electronic Scrip. A growing number of merchants participating in the scrip program have elected not to sell gift certificates to non profits at a discount, but to track purchases electronically and donate a percentage of these purchases directly to the non profits. These are the vendors that use electronic scrip:

Albertsons. To participate, stop by the Parish Store/Scrip Center, or the Parish Office and ask for an Albertson's Community Partner's Card. You may ask for as many as you want, you will receive them immediately, at no cost to you. When you check out at Albertsons, simply present the card to the cashier. It will be scanned, and then a percentage of your purchase will be donated by Albertsons to OLR on a quarterly basis. The more people who use this card, the higher our percentage. You can send a card to your friends and relatives around the country. They can use it at any Albertson's or Albertson's-owned store to earn extra cash for OLR. The card only has OLR identification on it, so you are completely anonymous - no one will keep track of what you are buying, and there is no personal financial information to give out in order to participate.

Safeway. To participate in Safeway's electronic scrip program, which covers those Safeway stores located in California, Nevada, and Hawaii (including VONS, Pavilions, and Pak 'n Save Foods), you must register your Safeway Club Card with the eScrip program. All of the cards, whether a Safeway or a VONS card, will work at all of the stores. By using your Safeway Card, your purchases are tracked and a percentage of your purchases, based on how much you spend during a particular month, is donated by Safeway to OLR. Please be sure to register every Safeway card in your family. For details about eScrip, read the section below.

Chevron. Chevron's scrip program is also administered by eScrip. The Chevron program is effective in the states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. To participate, you must register your Chevron credit card with eScrip. Each time you use your Chevron card, whether it be at the Fast Pay Pump or in the station itself, or for gasoline or convenience store items, you will be earning extra cash for OLR. Please be sure to register every Chevron card in your family (the first part of the account number may be the same, but the last four numbers on each card will be unique - "0001," "0002," etc.). If you do not have a Chevron card and want to participate in this program, you may phone Chevron at 1-800-FREE-APP, or log on to www.chevron.com/creditcard.

e-Scrip is the company that administers the electronic scrip program for Safeway, Chevron, and a number of other merchants. There is no longer any cost to our members for participating. 

TO ENROLL IN THE eSCRIP PROGRAM, you may do one of the following:

    * Enroll online at http://www.escrip.com/

    * Complete an eScrip enrollment form. They are available at the Parish Office, at the Parish Store/Scrip Center, or we can mail one to you if you call our office at 471-2609, or by e-mailing us.

    * Phone eScrip at 1-800-592-0942.

When enrolling, keep in mind that you are enrolling under Our Lady of the Rosary Church in Union City, California, ID 0136952612.

When enrolling, you are to provide your name, address, phone number, and the numbers on your Safeway Club Cards and Chevron credit cards. 

You may also provide the numbers of your ATM or credit cards if you wish to do so, as any ATM or credit cards that are registered also act as electronic scrip, and earn money for OLR, when they are used as payment for goods and services at participating eScrip merchants.  Some of these merchants are the following: 

American Airlines

(order certificates from Mitch-Stuart, Inc., at 1-888-233-6636)

Eddie Bauer

Big O Tires

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Budget Rent-A-Car

Carl's Jr.

Carrow's Restaurant

Coco's Bakery Restaurant

Cody's Books

Direct TV DSL Service

Draeger's Market

Memory World computers


Papa Murphy's Pizza

Payless Shoe Source

Pet Food Express


Pep Boys

Round Table Pizza

Selix Formalwear

The Sharper Image

Sketchers USA



Whole Foods Market

Working Assets Long Distance

. . . AND MORE!

For the most complete and up-to-date list, and for more details, visit http://www.escrip.com/

Parish Store

OLR has a store which sells various religious supplies and other items. Here is a sample of some of the things in stock at the OLR Store:

Baptism items and gifts



Drinking mugs

First Communion items and gifts (in season)

Medals and chains

Religious Books for adults and children

Prayer cards

Special occasion cards


Small statues

Rosaries and rosary cases

The store is also the place to go for official OLR products, such as:

"T" Shirts


Hand Bags

We also have some things you might need when attending Mass or a Wedding:



Kleenex tissue

Breath Mints

Cough Drops

The store is open on the FIRST and THIRD Sundays of the month after all Masses (and the corresponding Saturdays after the 5:00 p.m. Mass).

Memorial Programs

Memorial Programs at Our Lady of the Rosary are overseen by the Development Committee. The current Memorial Program at OLR is called "Our Family Tree."

Our Family Tree is a wall sculpture in the form of a tree, in the main vestibule of the Church. The tree has 100 metal "leaves" in three colors: gold, silver, and bronze. Leaves may be "purchased" by making a donation to the church. The donation may be made all at once, or made in monthly payments over a three-year period.

· Bronze Leaf: $300.00 ($10.00 per month)

· Silver Leaf: $600.00 ($15.00 per month)

· Gold Leaf: $900.00 ($25.00 per month).

All of the leaves are the same size, regardless of color. The person "purchasing" a leaf may have it inscribed to remember a loved one who has passed, to give recognition to a special occasion, or to honor someone who is living.

Once a person fills out a registration form for this program and makes a commitment, a leaf is inscribed and placed on the tree immediately, even if the monthly payment plan is elected. Once a leaf is paid in full, it will remain on the tree forever.

The purpose of this program is to raise $118,000.00 to further the renovation of our church. The funds that are provided by this program will enable us to do the following:

    * Purchase new windows for the church (our present ones are broken and some do not open)

    * Install stained glass overlays over our windows

    * Renovate the chapel by purchasing new furniture, installing new windows, placing our tabernacle on a new pedestal, installing new lighting, installing a new tile floor, and changing the position of windows and doors

    * Renovate the concrete area outside the main door of the Church

    * Renovate the old sacristy

Other levels of giving are also part of this program. Larger donations may be made to secure an acorn on the tree, a small tree, or a rock at the bottom of the tree. Please contact us if you are interested in one of these other levels.

We are also open to your suggestions concerning other ways you might want to make a donation in someone's memory or honor. Please contact us - we will be glad to meet with you.

Contact Us

Phone: 510-471-2609

E-mail: admin@olrchurch.org

Our Lady of the Rosary Church

Iglesia de Nuestra Senora del Rosario