Graduates' Digital Photo Gallery / Galeria de Fotos de los Graduados



At the time of the year when graduations are held, parishioners are invited to send in photographs of any members of their families who are graduating from any school or academic institution, including:

  • Elementary School
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Community College
  • 4-year Colleges and Universities
  • From an educational institution with an advanced degree
  • A vocational school.

These photos are shown in a PowerPoint presentation at the end of Mass -- this year, on June 4. 

What would the photo look like?  The best photo would have the graduate dressed in cap and gown.  If this is not possible, we recommend that the graduate hold a diploma in front of him or her.  Balloons and a "Congratulations Graduate" sign can also be included in the photo.   

However, we need more than a photo.  We would also like the following information:

  • Name of the graduate
  • Name of the school from which he or she is graduating and the city the school is located in
  • Whether the school is an elementary school, middle school, high school, college, or vocational school  
  • If the student is graduating from high school, either
    • The name of the college or university he or she will attend; or
    • The field of work the graduate will be employed in
  • If the student is graduating from a college or university, the degree earned or field of study.

Photos should be submitted by the Monday before the slideshow (in 2023, by May 29).  

What if your photo is not in digital format?

If your photo is a print, scan it to .jpg format.  If you do not have a scanner, you may do one of the following:

  • Take a snapshot of your photo using your smartphone.  Here are some tips:
    • If your photo is in a frame that covers it with glass, remove it from the frame and the glass -- the glass will cause glare.
    • Try taking several snapshots of your photo using a variety of different lighting conditions (flash, no flash, overhead lighting, no lighting) positions (taken from above with the photo on a table or from in front with the photo hanging on the wall), and distances, and then send us the best one.  Sometimes moving to one side or the other, or closer, or farther, can eliminate glare and result in a clearer image.  If the photo is not centered or straight, don't worry -- we will adjust and crop it for you.  
  • Call the Parish Office at (510) 471-2609 and see if someone is there who can scan it for you.  If so, grab your photo and stop by.  

Ways to submit your photo and information

There are two ways you can make your submission:

1.  Submitting through our website.  You can submit your photo and information from this page -- right here and now!  

If the photo is on your computer or smartphone, fill out the Photo Transmittal Form below.  When you click the "send" button on the form, you will be directed to upload your photo.   

Graduate Photo Transmittal Form

After you click on the "Submit" button you will be guided to upload your photo. Thank you for your participation.


2.  Submitting by e-mail.  Here are the steps to follow:

    • Address an e-mail to [email protected]
    • Attach your photo to the e-mail
    • In the body of the e-mail include the information mentioned above in the section entitled "We need more than a photo."

We are very proud of our graduates and wish them a bright future.  Thank you for participating in our Photo Gallery and "Congratulations!"

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