Second Chance -- Bishop's Appeal



Sunday, August 29

The Diocese has designated Sunday, August 29, as a second Commitment Sunday for the 2021 Bishop’s Appeal. 

Over the years the appeal has enabled the Diocese to develop and expand programs that serve a number of needs that are related to parishes and the people that they serve.  This year’s appeal has been running since February.  Over the past seven months 34.36% of our parish goal has been reached, and 68.71% of the total diocesan goal has been achieved.  Last year our parish achieved 46.58% of its goal. 

Both this year and last year the appeal goals have been increasing more slowly over time.  This is most likely due to the pandemic.  A number of people who supported the appeal in past years have not done it this year, one reason being that the pandemic could have directed people’s attention away from the appeal — hence the reason for a “second chance.”

Since the diocese relies on income from the appeal to fund programs throughout the diocese, we encourage you to consider a gift to the appeal if you have not made a gift or pledge this year.  If you are not prepared to do so now, you can do this at any time.  You may visit our website and click on the link “Bishop’s Appeal Second Chance,” or place a donation in the collection at Mass (if you are an envelope user, use one of the red “Special Offering” envelopes in the back of your set.

Thank you for your consideration and support.    

For information on how gifts to the Bishop's Appeal supports parishes and a number of Diocesan programs, read the brochure on the appeal -- click here.

To view our Bishop's video on the Appeal, click here.

You may make either a one-time gift or a pledge over 10 months by using a pledge envelope -- download a copy of the envelope by clicking here.  The envelope enables you to make your gift by cash, check or credit card.  You may return your envelope in the collection at Mass, by mailing it in to our Parish Office, or you may mail it directly to the Diocese at the address on the envelope -- just be sure to write the name of our parish in the appropriate blank so we get credit for your donation. 

Besides using a pledge envelope, these are the other ways to make your donation to the Bishop's Appeal

  • Visit the Bishop's Appeal donation page:  click here.
  • Use your smart phone to scan the QR code below:

We hope that you will prayerfully consider your gift to the appeal, and give in gratitude both for what God has given you and remembering the support that the Diocese gives its parishes.  All of the funds raised by the appeal benefit parishes in one way or another.   

Thank you for your consideration.