Dedications / Dedicatorias


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What is a Dedication?

At Our Lady of the Rosary, we accept donations for the following components of our weekend Masses:

  • Hosts
  • Wine
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Music 

When a parishioner makes a donation towards one of the above components, it is done as a dedication to a loved one who has died, or in thanksgiving on the occasion of someone's birthday or anniversary.  At OLR we call this "dedications," while at other parishes it is commonly known as "lamps and candles."  The person or family offering the dedication is knows as a "sponsor."

Unlike Mass Intentions where a request is made for only one Mass on a given day, a dedication for one component covers that component for all of the Masses on a particular Sunday (this does not apply to music, asn shown below). 

Oftentimes, people who offer a Mass also offer dedications to coincide with the Mass.  

What is the donation for a dedication?

These are the donations for offering a dedication:

  Component Donation
  Hosts $25.00
  Wine 35.00
  Candles 35.00
  Flowers 65.00
  Music 150.00

Due to its high cost, music is handled a little differently than the other components.  

  • The donation for Music does not cover all of the Masses on a particular weekend, but only one of the Masses.  As a result, we accept a dedication for music for each of the weekend Masses.
  • The music at a particular Mass can be sponsored by more than one person or family, in $50.00 increments, to make the sponsorship more affordable.  For example, a given Mass can have one sponsor for its music at $150.00, two sponsors (one at $100.00 and another at $50.00) or three sponsors (at $50.00 each).   

How do I make a dedication?

You can offer a dedication by doing one of the following:

  • Complete our online dedication form.
    • For the online form for sponsoring hosts, wine, candles and flowers, click here.
    • For the online form for sponsoring music, click here.
  • Print out our paper dedication form, and drop it by the Parish Office or mail it to the office with your check. 
    • For the paper form for sponsoring hosts, wine, candles and flowers, click here
    • For the paper form for sponsoring music, click here