Ministries and Organizations at OLR / Ministerios e Organizaciones en NSR



Below is a listing of the ministries and organizations that exist at OLR.  Since gatherings on parish property are not currently permitted due to COVID-19, this page is not fully developed.  At a later date more detailed descriptions of all of our ministries and contact information will be included on this page.

If the name of one of the groups appears in blue, it is a link to the group's webpage.    

Liturgical Lay Ministries

  • Altar Servers
  • Choir – At all Masses. Sing at one Mass per weekend and at all holy days.
  • Decoration and Sacristy Committee – Decorates the Church with flowers on a weekly basis, and with flowers and other decorations for the various church seasons and holy days. Prepares the church and sanctuary for Mass and maintains order in the Sacristy.   
  • Youth/Children’s Choir nd Musicians
  • Eucharistic Ministers – Distributes the Body of Blood of Jesus at Masses. Prepares the gifts, sets up needed appointments (cups, linens, etc.), and cleans and stores appointments after   Greets fellow parishionaers arriving to Church. 
  • Hospitality Ministry – Hands out programs, seats parishioners, takes up the collection, directs Communion line, assists in the event of an emergency.
  • Lectors – Proclaim the Word of God at our Masses.
  • Liturgy Cluster – Plans the various aspects of our celebrations.
  • Musicians – Plays instruments at Masses.
  • PowerPoint Ministers – Either develops PowerPoint slideshow presentations to project the hymns at Mass or operates the slideshow during Mass.

Service Ministries

  • Bulletin Stuffing – Folds and assembles the Parish Bulletin each week.
  • Faith-in-Action East Bay – Motivates the parish, community, and politicians to improve the lives of everyone, particularly those who are taken for granted.
  • Church Cleaning – Volunteers to clean the Church in place of paying a custodian or maintenance service.
  • Friday Night Meals – Serves free meals on Fridays to the homeless, needy, lonely, and elderly.
  • Finance Cluster/Committee – Reviews financial performance and assists Pastor with financial decisions.
  • Fundraising Committee – Plans and oversees the Festival (develops policies, and ensures the proper operation of food booths, game booths, drawing, flea market, entertainment, and other functions) and raises funding for the parish both from within the parish and outside sources.
  • Gardening Ministry – Maintaining the appearance of the parish grounds (mowing lawns, trimming plants, etc.).
  • Supply Ministry – Ensuring that office refrigerators are stocked with refreshments, and that office restrooms and sinks have sufficient paper products and soap.
  • Maintenance – Evaluates the condition of buildings and grounds and makes repairs such as painting, minor electrical, minor plumbing, repair of Hall tables and chairs.
  • Ministry to the Sick – Visits the ill in hospital or at home, brings Communion, and offers prayer and friendship.
  • Office Volunteers – Answers the phone and receives people visiting the offices in the evenings.
  • Parish Store – Stocking, ordering, and selling after Masses and during CCD classes.
  • Pastoral Council – Advises the Pastor in determining the priorities of Parish Life.
  • Rosary Makers – Making rosaries for the ill, homebound, or those in need.
  • Vincent de Paul – Provides food and other services to those in need. Staffs and stocks a food Pantry.
  • Window Washing – Maintaining the cleanliness of windows, both interior and exterior.      
  • Website Maintenance – Taking a small portion of the parish Website and being in charge of updating it frequently. Expanding the parish’s web presence.    

Educational, Formation and Devotional Ministries

  • Ballet Folklorico – Teaches young people the art of Mexican Folkloric Dance and represents the parish in public performances.
  • CCD – Classroom teachers, aides, and helpers.
  • CYO – Basketball, Cheerleading, Track. Coaches needed.
  • Confirmation Team – Volunteers to instruct participants and help out on retreats.
  • Couples for Christ – A Christian family life renewal ministry.  
  • Divine Mercy – A Catholic devotion to Jesus associated with his apparitions.  
  • English as a Second Language – Offering classes to those who wish to learn the English language.
  • Prayer Group
  • Quinceañera Program – Prepares young women for their Quinceañeras. Leaders and coordinators needed.  
  • RCIA – Teaching Catholics about their faith, “bringing Non-Catholics into the Church,” and sacraments for adults who did not receive them when they were younger.
  • Retrouvaille – A program to help marriages that are hurting.
  • Families in Christ Jesus Community – Fosters the presence of Jesus in family life.
  • Scripture Study
  • Spanish as a Second Language – Offering classes to those who wish to learn the Spanish language.
  • Stewardship Committee – Educating our parishioners on how to use and share their God-given gifts of time, talent and treasure.
  • Children’s Stewardship Committee – Educating our parish children on how to use and share their God-given gifts of time, talent and treasure. This committee will also manage the children and youth collection envelope systems.
  • SPRED – Special Religious Education, offering religious education (CCD) for children and youth with special needs.
  • Worldwide Marriage Encounter – offers couples the opportunity to grow closer, and helps people to refocus on the values that are really important to them and to live more joyful and purposeful lives.
  • Young Adult Group – Group of youth ages 18 – 35. Would need both participants and leaders. 
  • Youth Groups – Volunteers to instruct participants and help out on retreats (driving, cooking, chaperoning, etc.).

Support and Outreach Ministries

  • Bereavement Support Group – Providing support for those who have experienced the loss of a loved one.
  • Welcoming Committee – Finding people who recently moved into the area and welcoming them into our parish.

Parish Social and Fraternal Organizations 

  • Guadalupe Society – Our parish’s own social and service organization to program events to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.
  • Knights of Columbus – A worldwide Catholic family-based social, fraternal, service organization with a council in our parish.
  • Our Lady’s Guild – Our parish’s own social and service organization for women.