Father's Day at OLR / El Día de los Padres en NSR


Each year we give special recognition to our fathers on Father's Day.  The ways we recognize our fathers appear below.     


A couple of weeks before Fatherr's Day (which is always on the third Sunday of June in the United States), parishioners are invited to send in photographs of their fathers, both living and departed.  The photo can either be a portrait, a group photo showing their father with the family, or a photo showing their father involved in a family activity.  These photos are shown in a PowerPoint presentation at the end of Mass on Father's Day. 

Photos should be submitted by the Tuesday before Father's Day (in 2021, by June 15).  Photos should be in .jpg format.  If a parishioner submitted a photo the previous year, he or she submit a photo for the current year even if it is the same photo.    

If the photo you want to submit is in your phone, you can e-mail it to us from your phone to [email protected]  Please do not text message your photo.  When sending your photo, if you are asked to select its size, choose the largest size (e.g. "Full size" or "Actual size") to ensure the highest picture quality possible. 

If your photograph does not exist in electronic form or if you do not have a scanner, you may do one of the following:

  • Take a snapshot of your photo using your phone.  Here are some tips:
    • If your photo is in a frame that covers it with glass, remove it from the frame and the glass -- the glass will cause glare.
    • Try taking several snapshots of your photo using a variety of different lighting conditions (flash, no flash, overhead lighting, no lighting) positions (taken from above with the photo on a table or from in front with the photo hanging on the wall), and distances, and then send us the best one.  Sometimes moving to one side or the other, or closer, or farther, can eliminate glare and result in a clearer image.  If the photo is not centered or straight, don't worry -- we will adjust and crop it for you.  
  • Call the Parish Office at (510) 471-2609 and see if someone is there who can scan it for you.  If so, grab your photo and stop by.  

Ways to submit your photo and information

There are two ways you can make your submission:

1.  Submitting through our website.  You can submit your photo and information from this page -- right here and now!  

If the photo is on your computer or smartphone, fill out the Photo Transmittal Form below.  When you click the "send" button on the form, you will be directed to upload your photo.   

Father's Day Photo Transmittal Form

After you click on the "Submit" button you will be guided to upload your photo. Thank you for your participation.


2.  Submitting by e-mail.  Here are the steps to follow:

    • Address an e-mail to [email protected] -- use only this e-mail address.  Do not use any other parish e-mail address so your photo does not get lost among the numerous e-mails we receive every day.  
    • Attach your photo to the e-mail
    • In the body of the e-mail include your name and phone number.

We are very proud of our fathers.  Thank you for participating in our Photo Gallery. 


We have special Father's Day Envelopes where our parishioners can write the names of their fathers, so that they will be remembered in a special way during all of our Masses in the month of June.  The envelopes will be present in the sanctuary during Mass, so the names of our fathers will be with us as Mass is celebrated.  These envelopes are available at the doors of the church.  You may also submit the name of your father using the form below. 

Father's Day Remembrance


AFTER YOU HIT THE "SUBMIT" BUTTON, you will have an opportunity to make an electronic donation.



At each of our Masses on Father's Day, we give each father of boutonnaire.  The priest also gives our Fathers a special blessing. 

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