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We appreciate your support.

The "First," or "Plate" Collection

Your donation to our local parish, or making a donation to the "first" or "plate" collection, allows us to more fully live out our mission as a parish.  It helps us provide our parishioners opportunities to worship, learn about their faith, deepen their faith, and receive their sacraments.  But it goes further than that.  It helps us work in making life better not only for our members, but the local community.  It helps us do what we do on Sunday, as well as the many things we do during the week.  It helps us do the things you can see, and also provides funding for all of those necessary things that you cannot see.      

The "Second" Collection

When you attend Mass, a second collection is sometimes taken.  This happens about once a month.  Our Diocese asks its parishes to take up certain second collections during the year to support some of its needs and key programs.  Likewise, the Bishops of the United States also asks parishes to take up second collections for certain  programs -- these collections are referred to as "national collections."  Whether you make your donations by placing them in the collection basket at Mass or electronically, you can make a donation to both the first collection and any second collection that might be taken up that weekend.

For a description of the second collections and the dates on which they are taken, click here. 

To make a donation to any of the second collections now, click here.        


There are a number of ways to offer your support.

We share them with you below.


Thank you very much for your interest in supporting our parish.  If you want to make a one-time donation now, click here.


WeShare Online is the best way to support our parish.  It is a very versatile system with many advantages:

  • Your donation is automatic.  You don't need to remember to do it.  If you go on vacation, there is no need to "catch up" when you return. 
  • Donations can be made by credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts and savings accounts.
  • You can set up automatic recurring donations for the plate (first) collection, second collections and holy days.
  • You will receive a year-end statement of your donations.
  • It is very flexible:
    • Donations can be set up weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually.
    • You can specify the day of the week for weekly donations, and a specific day of the month for monthly, semi-annual and annual donations.
    • You will receive a user name and password so you can log into the system and make changes at any time.  However, you can still contact us by phoning the Parish Office if you need help.     
  • It provides benefits to the parish as well:
    • It eliminates the extra fees the bank charges the parish for processing cash and check deposits.
    • It reduces the work of parish staff and volunteers required to count the weekly collection.
    • It saves the parish money on printing collection envelopes. 

If you wish to sign up for WeShare Online, click here.


Collection envelopes are the traditional way of making a donation.  In a sense, they are "gift wrap" for the gift of support that parishioners make in person at Mass.  They also allow the parish to track the donations of its parishioners so that annual statements can be issued. 

At Our Lady of the Rosary, collection envelopes are distributed in "boxed sets," meaning that they are distributed in a box that contains all the envelopes for an entire year, including those for second collections and holy days.  They are usually picked up at the beginning of the year in front of the church, or at the Parish Office.  

If you wish to sign up for collection envelopes, fill out the form below.  We will contact you when your envelope set is ready.  

Request for Offertory Envelopes




Our parishioners can make a donation to the plate (first) collection using Venmo and PayPal through the Givebutter platform. 

To do this, simply scan the QR Code that appears below or text the letters COL to (202) 858-1233.    

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