Prayers / Oraciones

Do you want us to pray with you? 

Do you know someone who is ill? 

Do you want to pray for God's blessings on a special occasion?

Do you need a prayer that is fitting for our times?

God listens to our prayers.  The more of us who pray, the more He hears us. 

With this in mind, we offer some opportunities for you to share your needs, challenges, losses and blessings with us, so that more people in our parish family can join you in prayer.   


You can post your request for prayers to this website, so that others can join you in prayer. 

Depending on their nature, these prayers can also be included in our Masses and in our evening Rosaries. 

Some examples of prayers are as follows:

  • I, Mary Smith, pray that my mother’s operation on Monday will be successful.
  • I, John Jones, pray that my father, Fred Jones, on this 10th anniversary of his passing, will be blessed with eternal peace.
  • I pray that God will give me strength and guidance to deal with the difficult times I am now experiencing.  
  • I pray that those hospitalized with the virus may be comfortable and have a good recovery. 

If you want to read the prayers that other parishioners and website visitors have posted, click here.

If you want to post a prayer, fill out the form below.

Prayer Request Form

Your prayer will be posted on our website, and, depending on its nature, might be included in our evening Rosaries and Masses.

Only your prayer will appear on the website. Your name, E-mail address and phone number will be kept confidential -- we only ask for them if we have a question about your request.



If you have a friend or loved one who is ill, please let us know.  We will include the person in our prayers during the sacrifice of the Mass, in much the same way as when we placed a book with the names of those who are ill on the altar during Mass.  Fill out the form below.  You may also request a visit from a Priest or Minister to the Sick. 

Remembering Someone Who is Ill

If you know of someone who is ill, you can provide his or her name and the person can be remembered during our weeknight Rosary and Masses.



If someone you know has recently departed, we would like to remember him or her and include his or her photo in a slideshow that is shown during our evening Rosaries and weekend Masses.  If you wish to do this, e-mail the person's name and photograph to  If you do not have a photograph, please send the person's name anyway.  


If you or someone you know is having a special occasion like a birthday or wedding anniversary, we would like to pray that God will continue to bless him or her with happiness and wellbeing.  If you send us a photo of the individual or couple, we will include it in a slideshow that is shown during our evening Rosaries and weekend Masses.  If you wish to do this, e-mail the person's name(s), photograph, and years of marriage (for wedding anniversaries) to  If you do not have a photograph, please send the name(s) anyway.    


In these challenging times, we offer you some prayers that might be both appropriate and helpful.  To view these prayers, click here. 

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